29 May

Sofa Beds for Narrowboats

Sit and Sleep sofa bed

Sit and Sleep sofa bed

I have a confession to make; I had never heard of Sit and Sleep until they started following us on Twitter the other day. After a bit of a browse around their lovely website, I came across an article they’ve written about sofa beds for narrowboats, which I found fascinating.

Narrowboats Really Need Small Space Ideas

Let’s be honest, narrowboats really do need small space ideas, maybe that’s one of the reasons I love narrowboats so much. That, and as I cyclist in London, as I spend hours riding along the banks of the Regent’s Canal, dreaming of the day when I can own a narrowboat, either for full time living or just for holidays.

The Sit and Sleep post talks about the usual futon-style, contemporary and modular sofa beds but also sofa beds with built-in storage. Now you’re talking!

Furniture that Small Space Ideas’ Loves

So much of the furniture we love here at Small Space Ideas doubles up as a storage solution, so we’re excited to see a duel-purpose storage solution in the shape of storage sofa bed.

We’re yet to delve much deeper but this quote directly from their website makes us do a little skip:

“We have a collection of designs with a large storage ability – big enough for duvets and pillows and all sorts of other things. Choose from futon-styles to contemporary sofas either with separate drawers or hidden storage compartments.”

So, although they’re talking about sofa beds for narrowboats, we’re planning to do a bit more investigation into how well these designs will work in a small space such as a small spare bedroom, a small open plan living space or a small living room.

We will report back on prices and quality very soon but we get the impression that good things are to come from the sofa bad people known as Sit and Sleep.

Watch this space,

Emma (Small Space Ideas) x

22 May

Space Saving Dining Table

Churchill space saving dining room table from Habitat

Churchill space saving dining room table from Habitat

On my long search for a stylish and affordable folding dining room table, I stumbled across this beautiful Churchill white folding table by Habitat.

As I’ve mentioned before, our living room and kitchen are open plan, and not particularly large, so we’ve been on a search for a modern, space saving dining table that won’t take up too much room when it’s not being used. Preferably, we wanted something that could be folded away when not in use.

Space saving dining room table

Our kitchen is very white and the floors are a light wood effect so the Churchill folding table fits in with the design perfectly. And, it’s a little bit quirky, which also fits in with the style we’re going for.

This is what Habitat says on their website:

“Designed by James Churchill and Paul Taylor for Habitat, the compact Churchill white folding dining table is a charmingly quirky design made with solid beech legs and a laminated top. Its folding leaves make it the perfect, space-saving table for small kitchens and dining rooms.”

Well, that description sounds as though it was written just for me.

So, I went to visit this lovely piece this week… And it is as lovely in the flesh as it is in the pictures.

25% off Habitat right now!

And, as if that’s not a good enough reason to make this very reasonable £180 purchase, Habitat have a 25% off offer on right now. Yes, that’s a whole 25% off everything until midnight!

So, I know what I’m off to do right now. I suggest you follow my lead.

Thanks Habitat!

We’ll be back soon,

Small Space Ideas

20 May

Storage Bed Construction

Storage Bed Construction

Storage Bed Construction

I thought I’d give you a quick update to my storage bed construction solution…

Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed Construction

Shortly after my last post, I contacted Flatpack Construction for a quote for the construction of the Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed that I’m planning to buy from Time4Sleep.

It’s not that I definitely can’t do it myself and I’ve read lots of reviews that say it is easy enough to assemble but I’m just not that confident. I’d like to know that if I get started on it and have made no progress after an hour, or simply can’t make head nor tail of the instructions, that there is an expert that I can call to make it all okay again.

Time4Sleep recommend the company Flatpack Construction, and, as that probably means that they have experience of constructing this exact bed, they seem like a good move.

So, I contacted Flatpack Construction for a quote and very promptly received the following reply:

“Assuming that it’s an Ottoman bed and not one with drawers we would charge in the region of £70.00 to come and assemble this for you.”

Bed Construction in a Small Space

I do wonder whether I should have mention the size and odd shape of my bedroom. Assuming that they send two people to construct the bed, they may actually struggle to both fit in. Ho hum, I’m sure they’ll make it work.

I’m now excited about actually making the order and writing a review of this fantastic storage bed.

Watch this space!

Emma (Small Space Solutions) x

12 May

The Dream Oak Storage Bed

Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed by Sleep Sanctuary - Time2Sleep

Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed by Sleep Sanctuary – Time2Sleep

We have been searching for the perfect storage bed for what feels like an eternity.

Our problem has been the many requirements we have for our bed. Firstly, we like oak beds and aren’t really keen on the fabric beds that seem to be in style at the moment. Then there is the fact that I like to sleep with my feet out of the end of the bed. That has been a huge problem, as most oak beds have a footboard. But where are my feet supposed to go?

Then there’s the fact that our (very small) bedroom is an odd shape, which means that we can’t pull out drawers for storage purposes. But we have so much to store, so where is all that stuff supposed to go?

I had visited furniture website after furniture website and furniture store after furniture store when I stumbled across the Time4Sleep website using the very simple search term,

Oak storage bed

The Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed by Sleep Sanctuary is my dream come true and I can’t wait to order one come next pay day.

The website describes the bed as,

“absolutely second to none and will last you a good while due to the hardwood properties of the timber”

and they say,

“The Ottoman base lifts with ease due to the gas struts (which work very similarly to a car boot) and reveals an enormous storage space that will house many of your belongings!”

It almost sounds too good to be true. But no, the great reviews seem to back up their claims, with comments about the storage bed being solid, high quality, sturdy and classy. Everything I’m looking forward to in a bed.

Take a look for yourself!

I was expecting the bed to be prohibitively expensive and had braced myself for the worse but it’s only £529.00 (at time of writing). And, if you buy a mattress at the same time, you save £50.

I double checked the price of the mattress I’m considering (the Breasley Impressions Memory Pocket 1600) and even without the £50 knocked off, the price is excellent, so I certainly won’t be looking elsewhere.

Oak storage bed flatpack construction

I’m a little worried about my DIY skills and ability to put this bed together, especially as the only complaints in the review section are related to the instructions. My partner swears blind that he’s more than capable, but I’m not convinced. I watched him trying to plumb our washing machine and I won’t repeat any of the words he was using!

However, I have noticed that Time2Sleep have partnered with an assembly service called Flatpack Construction, who look good. I’ve emailed them for a quote so I’ll let you know how much it is going to cost to build my dream bed.

In fact, I’ll be back to let you know how my bed purchase goes and with a thorough review of my much needed oak storage bed.

I’m looking forward to it,

Emma, Small Space Ideas

09 May

IKEA’s Space Saving Solutions

IKEA's wall shelf with 11 knobs

IKEA’s wall shelf with 11 knobs

Earlier this year, IKEA unveiled their PS Collection for 2014 with the theme ‘On The Move’.

The On the Move 51 piece series is designed for young urbanites who tend to inhabit small dwellings and move frequently, and, as a result, most of the designs are compact, light weight and allow you to make the most of every last bit of space in your home.

IKEA describe their latest PS Collection like this:

“The IKEA PS 2014 collection is all about living here-and-now. Mobile and multi-functional, it’s here to help you make the most of life at home – even if that space is on the small side.”

PS Collections often mark the direction in which the furniture giant is moving, which is great news for those of us looking for innovative space saving solutions.

Stylish, high quality space saving furniture

We’re also excited because PS Collections also tend to have a focus on unique style, quality and sustainability, all while remaining affordable. And we like affordable.

Aimed at the many of us now living in cities and having to make do with small apartments and moving regularly – usually without a car – these lightweight pieces have been designed so that they can be moved by foot, by public transport or by bike, although we don’t fancy that idea so much.

We think that the On the Move Collection definitely counts as affordable space saving solutions at an average price of about £50 a piece and despite the low price tag, Ikea haven’t sacrificed style or build quality.

Our favourite space saving furniture piece

IKEA’s On the Move Collection mainly comprises small furniture pieces with few core pieces like tables and beds. One of our favourites is the birch Wall shelf with 11 knobs, a triangular leaning wall shelf (seen above) which retails at just £45. It’s a really unique design which perfectly balances form and function.

Plus, as it isn’t fixed to the wall, it can be easily moved around and is perfect in small spaces since it takes little room.

We love the IKEA PS Collection so much that we’ll definitely be writing about more of the pieces in future articles, so don’t forget to pop back for more.

We’ll be back soon,

Small Space Ideas

09 May

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Ikea - On The Move - Space saving furniture

Ikea – On The Move – Space saving furniture

As the number of city-dwellers faced with small living spaces increases, so does the demand for space saver furniture. A number of furniture designers and retailers have caught on to this idea, including IKEA, Habitat and Dwell but who is producing the best products at a price we can all afford?

We have often found that contemporary furniture designed for small spaces is either prohibitively expensive or cheap and badly designed or put together.

So who is making affordable but high quality space saving furniture?

Contemporary space saving furniture

IKEA recently launched a limited-edition collection for 2014 aimed at young, creative city types faced with small living spaces and uncertain rental terms.

The On the Move collection has been inspired by Ikea-commissioned research, which found that one in five city dwellers now lives in a house or apartment smaller than 30 square metres. We know how they feel!

They’ve got plenty of tips and ideas to help you (and us) make the most of those small or awkward spaces. You can read more about their 51-piece On the Move collection in this section. Read more.

Compact living solutions

The brand Bonbon has become synonymous with compact living solutions and we’re a huge fan of their storage beds. Later this month we’ll be delving deeper into their space saver furniture options.

Space saving kitchen ideas

Habitat’s fitted kitchens always leave us drooling. Habitat kitchens are available in a wide choice of materials, colours and finishes, combining functionality and durability with a really distinctive and contemporary feel. Some of their innovative space saving kitchen bars (they actually pull out of a drawer!) and pull out pantries are must-haves for small kitchens.

And that’s just the beginning. Check out the rest of our space saving kitchen ideas.

We’ll be back soon,

Small Space Ideas

07 May

Small Space Ideas

Ikea - On the Move - Space Saving FurnitureWelcome to Small Space Ideas. Over the coming days, weeks, months and years, we will be bringing the best in space saving furniture and storage to you, wherever you are.

Our passion is affordable, innovative and outstanding quality furniture designed for the ever increasing number of spatially challenged urbanites.

We will also be pointing you in the direction of other websites and blogs to solve your space and storage problems.

We’ll be back soon,

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