14 Jan

Coffee table? Dining table? No, it’s a multi purpose table!

Mascotte Coffee Dining Table

Mascotte Coffee Dining Table

If you have space for a coffee table but you’re struggling to find the space for a much needed dining room table, look no further.

Onedeko London has the stylish multi purpose table to suit your needs.

A multi purpose table for your small place

Their Calligaris Mascotte Multi Purpose Table is a modern coffee table that converts into a full sized dining table at nothing more than the press of a single button. The button raises or lowers the Mascotte table to eight different height settings and then with its top fully extended, it becomes a dining table for four to six people.

So, if you’re limited for space, or like me, you only have space for a coffee table and a dining table in an open plan living space, then this could be your solution, as your small living area is transformed into a proper dining or workspace.

Onedeko London says:

“Calligaris is Italy’s largest furniture manufacturer. A market leader with cutting edge, contemporary design and manufacturing. Calligaris’ aim is to bring contemporary design and quality at a remarkable price. Attention to detail and a premier level of quality control makes Calligaris a major supplier to OneDeko.”

You can read more about the Calligaris Mascotte Multi Purpose Table on the Onedeko website.

Have you come across a multi purpose table to compete with this stylish and modern design? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

We’ll be back soon,

Emma, Small Space Ideas

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