12 May

The Dream Oak Storage Bed

Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed by Sleep Sanctuary - Time2Sleep

Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed by Sleep Sanctuary – Time2Sleep

We have been searching for the perfect storage bed for what feels like an eternity.

Our problem has been the many requirements we have for our bed. Firstly, we like oak beds and aren’t really keen on the fabric beds that seem to be in style at the moment. Then there is the fact that I like to sleep with my feet out of the end of the bed. That has been a huge problem, as most oak beds have a footboard. But where are my feet supposed to go?

Then there’s the fact that our (very small) bedroom is an odd shape, which means that we can’t pull out drawers for storage purposes. But we have so much to store, so where is all that stuff supposed to go?

I had visited furniture website after furniture website and furniture store after furniture store when I stumbled across the Time4Sleep website using the very simple search term,

Oak storage bed

The Arran Oak Ottoman Storage Bed by Sleep Sanctuary is my dream come true and I can’t wait to order one come next pay day.

The website describes the bed as,

“absolutely second to none and will last you a good while due to the hardwood properties of the timber”

and they say,

“The Ottoman base lifts with ease due to the gas struts (which work very similarly to a car boot) and reveals an enormous storage space that will house many of your belongings!”

It almost sounds too good to be true. But no, the great reviews seem to back up their claims, with comments about the storage bed being solid, high quality, sturdy and classy. Everything I’m looking forward to in a bed.

Take a look for yourself!

I was expecting the bed to be prohibitively expensive and had braced myself for the worse but it’s only £529.00 (at time of writing). And, if you buy a mattress at the same time, you save £50.

I double checked the price of the mattress I’m considering (the Breasley Impressions Memory Pocket 1600) and even without the £50 knocked off, the price is excellent, so I certainly won’t be looking elsewhere.

Oak storage bed flatpack construction

I’m a little worried about my DIY skills and ability to put this bed together, especially as the only complaints in the review section are related to the instructions. My partner swears blind that he’s more than capable, but I’m not convinced. I watched him trying to plumb our washing machine and I won’t repeat any of the words he was using!

However, I have noticed that Time2Sleep have partnered with an assembly service called Flatpack Construction, who look good. I’ve emailed them for a quote so I’ll let you know how much it is going to cost to build my dream bed.

In fact, I’ll be back to let you know how my bed purchase goes and with a thorough review of my much needed oak storage bed.

I’m looking forward to it,

Emma, Small Space Ideas

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