29 May

Sofa Beds for Narrowboats

Sit and Sleep sofa bed

Sit and Sleep sofa bed

I have a confession to make; I had never heard of Sit and Sleep until they started following us on Twitter the other day. After a bit of a browse around their lovely website, I came across an article they’ve written about sofa beds for narrowboats, which I found fascinating.

Narrowboats Really Need Small Space Ideas

Let’s be honest, narrowboats really do need small space ideas, maybe that’s one of the reasons I love narrowboats so much. That, and as I cyclist in London, as I spend hours riding along the banks of the Regent’s Canal, dreaming of the day when I can own a narrowboat, either for full time living or just for holidays.

The Sit and Sleep post talks about the usual futon-style, contemporary and modular sofa beds but also sofa beds with built-in storage. Now you’re talking!

Furniture that Small Space Ideas’ Loves

So much of the furniture we love here at Small Space Ideas doubles up as a storage solution, so we’re excited to see a duel-purpose storage solution in the shape of storage sofa bed.

We’re yet to delve much deeper but this quote directly from their website makes us do a little skip:

“We have a collection of designs with a large storage ability – big enough for duvets and pillows and all sorts of other things. Choose from futon-styles to contemporary sofas either with separate drawers or hidden storage compartments.”

So, although they’re talking about sofa beds for narrowboats, we’re planning to do a bit more investigation into how well these designs will work in a small space such as a small spare bedroom, a small open plan living space or a small living room.

We will report back on prices and quality very soon but we get the impression that good things are to come from the sofa bad people known as Sit and Sleep.

Watch this space,

Emma (Small Space Ideas) x

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