22 May

Space Saving Dining Table

Churchill space saving dining room table from Habitat

Churchill space saving dining room table from Habitat

On my long search for a stylish and affordable folding dining room table, I stumbled across this beautiful Churchill white folding table by Habitat.

As I’ve mentioned before, our living room and kitchen are open plan, and not particularly large, so we’ve been on a search for a modern, space saving dining table that won’t take up too much room when it’s not being used. Preferably, we wanted something that could be folded away when not in use.

Space saving dining room table

Our kitchen is very white and the floors are a light wood effect so the Churchill folding table fits in with the design perfectly. And, it’s a little bit quirky, which also fits in with the style we’re going for.

This is what Habitat says on their website:

“Designed by James Churchill and Paul Taylor for Habitat, the compact Churchill white folding dining table is a charmingly quirky design made with solid beech legs and a laminated top. Its folding leaves make it the perfect, space-saving table for small kitchens and dining rooms.”

Well, that description sounds as though it was written just for me.

So, I went to visit this lovely piece this week… And it is as lovely in the flesh as it is in the pictures.

25% off Habitat right now!

And, as if that’s not a good enough reason to make this very reasonable £180 purchase, Habitat have a 25% off offer on right now. Yes, that’s a whole 25% off everything until midnight!

So, I know what I’m off to do right now. I suggest you follow my lead.

Thanks Habitat!

We’ll be back soon,

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