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Storage Tables from West Elm

Rustic Storage Coffee Table from West Elm

Rustic Storage Coffee Table from West Elm

All of us here at Small Space Ideas are loving the Rustic Storage Coffee Table from West Elm. So much so, that I have just bought one and I’m waiting for delivery in mid-September.

These beautiful West Elm Storage Coffee Tables come in three finishes, the original rustic version, plus a slightly darker Café version and a very sleek looking white lacquer version, perfect for minimalist spaces.

The thing I like most about this storage coffee table is that it’s as stylish as it is functional. So many storage tables think of functionality first and then completely miss out on design. This table has been finished to an excellent standard and the design is just so pleasing; I could stare at it all day and never get bored.

In fact, the warm yet industrial style with mango wood and steel legs would fit in just as nicely in a warm and homely cottage as it would a stark and minimalist studio apartment.

When we first saw the coffee table online, we assumed that the storage would actually be very limited and would be taken up with all the workings of the mechanism, but that isn’t actually the case. There is plenty of room for remote controls, games console controls, magazines and DVD cases, in fact, all those things that collect dust and clutter up your otherwise neat and tidy living space.

And, as much as we hate to admit it, the raised table top makes a great surface for eating in front of the television. Admit it, we all do it from time to time. In fact, some of our team here at Small Space Ideas have no choice but to eat at the living room table. The raised top brings your food much closer and avoids the usual risk of spillage and backache.

These West Elm storage coffee tables range from £399 to £449 and although a little pricey, are well worth the money for the quality you receive.

We’ll be back with more thoughts for your small spaces soon,


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