09 May

IKEA’s Space Saving Solutions

IKEA's wall shelf with 11 knobs

IKEA’s wall shelf with 11 knobs

Earlier this year, IKEA unveiled their PS Collection for 2014 with the theme ‘On The Move’.

The On the Move 51 piece series is designed for young urbanites who tend to inhabit small dwellings and move frequently, and, as a result, most of the designs are compact, light weight and allow you to make the most of every last bit of space in your home.

IKEA describe their latest PS Collection like this:

“The IKEA PS 2014 collection is all about living here-and-now. Mobile and multi-functional, it’s here to help you make the most of life at home – even if that space is on the small side.”

PS Collections often mark the direction in which the furniture giant is moving, which is great news for those of us looking for innovative space saving solutions.

Stylish, high quality space saving furniture

We’re also excited because PS Collections also tend to have a focus on unique style, quality and sustainability, all while remaining affordable. And we like affordable.

Aimed at the many of us now living in cities and having to make do with small apartments and moving regularly – usually without a car – these lightweight pieces have been designed so that they can be moved by foot, by public transport or by bike, although we don’t fancy that idea so much.

We think that the On the Move Collection definitely counts as affordable space saving solutions at an average price of about £50 a piece and despite the low price tag, Ikea haven’t sacrificed style or build quality.

Our favourite space saving furniture piece

IKEA’s On the Move Collection mainly comprises small furniture pieces with few core pieces like tables and beds. One of our favourites is the birch Wall shelf with 11 knobs, a triangular leaning wall shelf (seen above) which retails at just £45. It’s a really unique design which perfectly balances form and function.

Plus, as it isn’t fixed to the wall, it can be easily moved around and is perfect in small spaces since it takes little room.

We love the IKEA PS Collection so much that we’ll definitely be writing about more of the pieces in future articles, so don’t forget to pop back for more.

We’ll be back soon,

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